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ISBN1-894694-21-X by Gae Rusk
    In 1978, modern life has yet to reach Nepal, where Cecily Havenshack lives a palatial life with her U.S. diplomat husband.
    From years of wandering the old bazaar, Cecily has become immersed in Kathmandu's sensory excesses and exotic street scenes. As monsoon saturates the valley, Cecily seeks transformation and adventure.
    But in a place as old as belief, Cecily is not in charge of her own fate. She is shanghaied by a stranger who forces her onto a trek through mountains and monsoon. When things begin to go wrong, Cecily seems an unlikely survivor of such madness.

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These poems blast readers into sensory overload while exploring conditions for survival in this age old, postmodern world.

Each story exquisitely precise, Licking Knives is a collection traversing the known universe of short literature. Readers are launched on an intelligent and well lit journey and would do best to pace themselves.

ALVAREZ by Gae Rusk
Alvarez is full of borders just begging to be crossed. When the Gadsden Purchase of 1853 split this prosperous North Chihuahua town in half, Alvarez suddenly became two towns in two countries with an invisible line running right up Main Street.

One hundred years later in this bipolar community sitting on an isolated corner of nowhere, it is the winter of 1960. The north Chihuahua Desert continues ecologically stunning and alive with predators.

And the Alvarez family? They are still around making things happen and generally ignoring every border in sight.

Sequel to MONSOON MADNESS working title

"REDUX" by Gae Rusk
See this story of Cecily Havenshack's next misadventure grow by a chapter each month. Look for new postings in the Short Work>Short Story section of this website, or hit Short Stories now.

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