by Gae Rusk

There is something I forgot to tell you about Bangkok.

A few years back, a news cameraman was reporting outside the King’s palace, when a coup attempt began right around him. He recorded this violent skirmish, sending a live feed to the rest of the world, his voice excited over the gunfire, thrilled to be so Johnny-on-the-spot.

Then, he was struck by that gunfire and fell down dead on the spot. When he hit pavement, a thud was the last sound he made.

When the camera hit pavement, it kept rolling tape and sending out a live feed. It recorded the rest of that battle from a low, wide angle.

I saw this story on CNN Headline News while getting ready for work. The very idea stopped me in my tracks. It seemed too Ray Bradbury to be real, but I stood there anyway, flushed with chicken skin, and watched the entire segment.

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