Monsoon Madness Redux

by Gae Rusk

II. [Chapter Synopsis]

Open with a group of uniformed seven year olds asking, “Mrs Havenshack? Mrs?” She comes back to her self to find herself in charge of a classroom. Cecily is substitute teaching at an English curriculum Catholic School, one of several part time jobs she has obtained in Mombassa.

Flashbacks and vignettes of arriving in Mombassa and surviving, settling and adjusting are scattered throughout the chapter/s.

Later, walking home after school, chased by a flock of pigeons almost half a block, she thinks maybe she sees Beau in the marketplace. She is unnerved. Bad memories, both personal and international, visit her dreams. Talks herself out of actually seeing him, then she glimpses him again and is now off balance with a bad case of the jitters. Now that she has maybe found him, she’s completely off balance.

Cecily deals with conflicting urges to rend Beau’s limbs or run back to the hills.

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