Poem of the Month

by Gae Rusk
I cannot sleep
misdeeds grit and grind my rubbed eyes
and those misdeeds
not all mine so
I'm sleepless for others too
anxious and tingeing blue from
my need to own
more misdeeds and
more mistakes and more
missed moments
for which I lie awake

I salve these misses
with balms of cracked reasoning
and clarified hindsight
I chew their scabs
to soften them
a twisted nutrition
and set them to my right
a pile of futures missed
foreheads kissed and
late night stories all washed white
each relit and newly glossed
then excised sharp and quickly tossed
from my lifelong living list
and all my ongoing sleepless nights

© Copyright 2006. All content by Gae Rusk. All rights reserved.