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Round Table Reviews
, November 10, 2004
Jeannie Langston

    "Cecily Havenshack is a school teacher with a simple life. She has a husband, who is a US Diplomat -- with plenty of money. She lives in a palace in Nepal. She has servants for her palace. What more could a woman want? Cecily wants adventure, lust, romance, anything out of the ordinary. That will all change with the coming monsoon season.

Anna, Cecily's best friend, is beautiful and exotic-looking, and Cecily lives through her little indiscretions. She devours each little detail of Anna's romantic escapades and thinks that if Anna can do it, so can she. Cecily borrows a book, one that she would not want anyone to know that she is looking at, from Anna. After reading it, she thinks that can't be too hard. She can't wait for the chance to use what she has just learned.

Cecily meets a man, but he turns out to be a gentleman, and she doesn't have the courage to make the first move. And then she meets a man named Beau. Hurls her world upside down, in more ways then one.

Beau has been watching Cecily for a while. One day he decides he has had enough of just watching her. He takes her on a ride that will change her life forever. One that will take more courage and strength than is possible in little Cecily Havenshack.

In MONSOON MADNESS, Gae Rusk takes us on an adventure with Cecily. At times Cecily is excited and moved by this man who has so forcefully taken charge of her, other times she can't stand the sight of him. It is a tale of wishing for something exciting, then getting just that.

This book is fast-paced with an adrenaline rush on just about every page. It does contain scenes of rape and abuse, so it will not be for every one. However, if you can handle the images, it is a gut-wrenching ride. One that takes you through all the emotions: from love, lust, anger, hate, and bewilderment. It is an up and down ride from the start. As the plot unfolds, I could feel my jaw clench and my gut tighten for Cecily and all that she goes through during the MONSOON MADNESS."

Honolulu Star Bulletin, Isle pages Releases from Hawaii authors
Sunday, December 12, 2004, Burl Burlingame

   "Hawaii film producer and online fiction writer Rusk knocked out the first draft of this "women's" novelette some years ago in Kathmandu, and the sense of place is very real. It concerns a woman soaking up Nepalese culture who suddenly embarks on a dangerous and emotionally challenging trek."

Honolulu Advertiser, Wanda Adams
July 31, 2005
    "... Rusk handles suspense and foreshadowing well. Her writing hums along with nothing clunky to get in the reader's way. And she skillfully evokes the susually rich setting - monsoon season in Kathmandu, where she once lived."

Record Gazette, Banning, California

December 17, 2004

Betty Kukimi Meltzer

The Garden Island, Kauai, Hawaii

May 29, 2005

Andy Gross

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